PA Group (Premier Assurance Group SPC, Ltd) was founded in 2005 by two former General Electric executives with a heart for people and a passion for helping others preparing for the future. It evolved from solely an investment solutions company into a company with two operating divisions: Life and Investments, and Accident and Health. Through its Premier Health and WEA products, the Accident and Health division of PA Group offers global citizens in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East comprehensive international health insurance and disability protection. For over 10 years, PA Group has guided and protected international clients with a wide range of health and wealth accumulation solutions.

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  • In 2006, PA Group acquired WEA (Worldwide Expatriate Association), which has been offering worldwide health coverage to expatriates since
  • Through its partnership with first class providers, like UnitedHealthcare®, PA Group provides its clients with access to the most prestigious networks of providers internationally including within the United States.
  • Leveraging the experience acquired with WEA, in 2014, PA Group launched a new innovative series of health solutions, known as Premier Health, and obtained the distinction of becoming a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder.
  • Early in 2015, PA Group began offering disability protection, adding to its list of products Premier Disability Plus, a policy endorsed by Griffin Underwriting.
  • Today PA Group has clients in 195 countries, offering a diverse product line, from global medical insurance to international investment and retirement solutions.

PA Group (Premier Assurance Group SPC, Ltd) is backed by a strong reinsurer with more than 325 years of tradition in the global insurance market. Our reinsurer ratings are the following:

About PAGroup’s divisions:


Since 1965, WEA (Worldwide Expatriate Association) has provided quality international health insurance to individuals, families and groups of expatriates, giving them peace of mind while they pursue international life goals. WEA’s comprehensive health plan options have insured expatriates from all walks of life, such as missionaries, international educators, and foreign service workers.

WEA Signature plan is designed for individuals and families living abroad. This international health insurance plan gives you the flexibility to select the best coverage from three unique plan options, with five deductible choices. Additionally, WEA offers group plans tailored to fit the specific needs and budget of each group.

Our international network of health care providers, along with our multilingual client service specialists, ensures that all our clients receive the best medical care available.


Plan Highlights


Two areas of coverage to choose from:

  1. Worldwide
  2. Worldwide
    (excluding the U.S.)

5 deductible options


Emergency medical Evacuation


Organ transplants


Maternity Care




Term Life and AD&D (optional)


Coverage for non-professional sports


Travel assistance (optional)


Guaranteed renewability

Premier Health:

Premier Health is an international healthcare plan, exclusively developed to provide comprehensive protection worldwide.
This plan is tailored to non-US residents in need of worldwide coverage including within the United States. Premier Health offers three comprehensive plan options to choose from: UltraCare, Optima, and Secure. All three options provide our insured the ability to obtain medical treatment anywhere around the world.

Advantages of Premier Health:

• Simplicity- most important coverage available without having to purchase additional riders.
• Maternity cover available on all plans.
• Access to thousands of medical centers in more than 125 countries through the most recognized networks of providers available
• Coverage not only in-country of residence, but worldwide, so that you are covered wherever in the world you decide to live.
• Patient concierge services and access to top doctors and hospitals in the U.S
• Backed up by a strong reinsurer recognized worldwide (Lloyds of London)
• Remote Second Medical Opinion