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We source the best international medical insurance deals on the market at no extra charge to you. All plans are tailored exclusively to your needs.




A dedicated representative is available for you on a daily basis via phone, email or chat. We are always available no matter where you’re located.





We take care of all the paperwork and the communication with the insurance provider so you can focus on your career, business and family.  






A dedicated representative is available for you on a daily basis via phone, email or chat. We are always available no matter where you’re located.



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Customers Testimonials

With the professional assistance of Mr. Moti Bashkin as my contact person and the WEA health insurance company, I had this operation done within 24 hours! This is something I will never forget, as they were saving my life. Moti Bashkin took care of all the necessary processes that were needed so that I could have my surgery, in a fast and professional way.

Heimlich Alex, China

I highly recommend to work with Buenavida – Moti and his team. All of my claims have been paid on time and the customer service was excellent!

Alon, Boaz, Ghana

Very happy with the WEA health insurance. They gave me refunds for every claim I had, and also my friends who joined due to my recommendation got their claims to a complicated long and expensive hospital admittance. Whenever I had any questions or needed help, Moti Bashkin and his team were there for me and supported me quickly. I recommend Buenavida and WEA insurance to everyone.

Traditional Insurance brokers


  • We won’t charge you any extra for using our services so we save you money, and we will never suggest a policy that offers you additional unwanted features.
  • We offer a personal touch with a strong customer focus and an emphasis on each individual client’s needs and requirements.
  • We are available 24/7 whenever you need us to answer any queries and resolve any concerns. We’ll be on hand to advise if you have a pre-existing health problem and we always guarantee a rapid response.
  • We offer all of the comparison information you need to choose the right product for you, and, most importantly, we can explain to you in clear terms which package is best and why.
  • Traditional insurance brokers charge you a premium on top of the cost of your insurance for using their services, while some will persuade you to buy a policy with extras you don’t need so they can benefit from an extra commission. 
  • Traditional insurance brokers often opt for a “one size fits all” approach, without taking into account the nuances and small details of your needs. 
  • Traditional insurance brokers often have limited opening hours or can be difficult to contact. If you have an urgent enquiry or problem it can often be difficult and time-consuming to get in touch with a broker.
  • Traditional insurance brokers will often simply present you with a selection of options without a clear explanation of why and how they meet your needs.

Efroni- Bazalel Ayala, Singapore

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I highly recommend to work with Buenavida. Moti and his team. All are claims are been paid on time and the customer service is excellent!

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