Health insurance designed for whoever you are…


Got a family to look after? Then you need a specialised policy that will look after them just as well as it will look after you. Trust Buena Vida to deliver the best for your family.


Having no one depending on you – doesn’t mean you need to lower your care standard. With Buena Vida, you’ll get the care you need in case you’re suddenly ill or injured for any reason.


Thinking about starting a family? Getting the right maternity care before, during and after the birth of your child can be costly. Make sure you’re prepared for anything with Buena Vida.

World Wide

While all the plans are specifically designed for expats living and working in Thailand, you’re also covered in your home country, and, of course, you’re also covered should you do a lot of travel for work (or vacation).

Main Benefits Features


Healthcare Made Easy

Our packages are ideal for you – if you don’t speak the Thai language fluently or don’t fully understand how the healthcare system works in Thailand. When you’re ill, you don’t want to deal with paperwork, so we’re here to take care of all the administration and bureaucracy.

You’re Our Priority

There can be lengthy waiting lists for many procedures in Thailand. At Buena Vida, we understand that getting a fast care can make a huge difference to the outcome, so we’ll make sure to put you at the front of the queue.

Healthy finances

Depending on your condition, some procedures could cost a lot of money. Avoid a nasty financial shock by getting the cover that will bring all your healthcare and associated expanses to the absolute minimum, so your finances would stay in good shape too.


Know Where You Stand

Health insurance can be a complicated business, especially if you’re an overseas worker living in Thailand. At Buena Vida, we’ll always make sure you’re fully informed with everything, and we’ll explain everything in the terms you can understand.


Everything Taken Care of

In case you’ll need to make a claim, that’s easy too. Within your insurance company’s network, fees are being paid directly to the doctors, the medical facilities, and the care providers. There’s nothing for you to worry about. If you’ll need help of any kind, you are always welcome to contact our 24/7 customer care line.

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Moti helped me decrease my health insurance prices dramatically- Until last year I was insured and paid tens of thousands of dollars to another company. Then I joined a plan that Moti recommended, which gives full coverage (including Dental) for a third of the price.


Pini Ben David

Mexico City, Mexico

With the professional assistance of Mr. Moti Bashkin as my intermediary and the WEA health insurance company, I had this operation done within 24 hours! This is something I will never forget, as they were saving my life. The surgery total price was 18,000US$ and Moti Bashkin did all the necessary processes that were needed so that I can have my surgery, in a fast and professional way.

Alex Heimlix

Guangzhou, China

I am very pleased with the quick response and support I have received when I needed. It was very helpful.

Aliza Horowitz

Hong Kong, China

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