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Get the cover you really need, based on your budget and needs

No age limit for renewals and no price increases because of your claims

We source the best deals on the market at no extra charge to you

We speak your language with great customer service in English

A range of digital tools to make managing your insurance easy

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International Private Medical Insurance Made Easy

Whether it’s just for you, your partner or your entire family, you can depend on Buena Vida to take all the hassle out of finding the best international health insurance policy.

With so many companies offering so many bewildering solutions, we can save you a lot of time and trouble! You could trawl through all the international health insurance reviews and still end up paying more instead of letting us do all the hard work for you.

Customers Testimonials

My main concern was to have health insurance that I can sleep well with and know that they will be there for me when I needed them. On my last visit home, I did a general heart check, and saying the results were not good is an understatement. I had 2 veins almost blocked, and I needed to undergo catheterization.

With the professional assistance of Mr. Moti Bashkin as my contact person and the WEA health insurance company, I had this operation done within 24 hours! This is something I will never forget, as they were saving my life. Moti Bashkin took care of all the necessary processes that were needed so that I could have my surgery, in a fast and professional way.

Alex, Guangzhou, China

Moti helped me decrease my health insurance prices dramatically- Until last year I was insured and paid tens of thousands of dollars to another company. Then I joined a plan that Moti recommended, which gives full coverage (including Dental) for a third of the price.

Pini, Mexico City

I am very pleased with the quick response and support I have received when I needed. It was very helpful.

Aliza, Hong Kong